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Fall 2018

October 5th was our 20th birthday 🎂 (here’s the flyer for our first show at our house in Orem, UT in 1998).

To mark the occasion, our full discography is $20 on Bandcamp and our newest record, Bells in New Towns is $1 for the next little while.

Big thanks for hanging with us for two decades ❤️

Flyer for first Landing show

We have a few shows coming up this fall including one with Lituya Bay at Counter Weight Brewing in Hamden on October 17th and a show with Hackedepicciotto and Eric Hubel at Cafe 9 in New Haven on December 9th. Check the shows page for details.

Summer 2018

We're hitting the road with Gardener this August for our 20th anniversary!

Founding member Dick Baldwin is joining us for this run of shows along with Aaron, Adrienne, and Ned Clayton (who's played with us on a number of tours).

8/4- Pittsburgh, PA @ Hambone's

8/5- Cincinnati, OH @ The Mockbee

8/6- Nashville, TN CANCELLED

8/7- Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse

8/8- Atlanta, GA @ 529 (early show)

8/9- Asheville, NC @ Mothlight

8/10- Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight

8/11- Lynchburg, VA @ Speakertree Records

8/12- Washington, DC @ Rhizome

Tour Poster

We also have this new music video for "Wait or Hide" from our newest album Bells In New Towns which we filmed in our little practice space/recording studio.

Hope to see you out there!

Spring 2018

We're excited to announce that we have a new LP coming out May 4th via El Paraiso Records on CD and lavender colored vinyl.

Bells In New Towns Cover

Bells In New Towns is a mixture of styles and modes recorded with the help of Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Elder, MV & EE, Parquet Courts, Body/Head, Pixies, and lots more).

Unlike our last two albums, Complekt and Third Sight, Bells In New Towns pokes its head through the delay pedal fog and has a renewed focus on song and. There are still some moments for the deep tryypr, but this record ranges from psych fuzz rock mayhem to acoustic fingerpicked whispers.

You can preorder Bells In New Towns from El Paraiso Records here.

OR from Forced Exposure here (better for US residents).

Listen to the first track from Bells In New Towns, "Nod".

We're playing a few album release shows, including one on May 4th at Never Get To Be Cool in New Haven with our friends Dan Greene, Phenomena 256, and Procedure Club! Check our shows page for updates.

Oceanless 2xLP Vinyl Kickstarter


Over the years, we've been asked by a number of people about re-releasing our old, out of print albums on vinyl. We thought we'd test the waters and see if there's enough interest to make this a reality!

Oceanless is our first full length (although it came out after Circuit). Recorded in 1999 while living in our weirdo commune house, dubbed "Manbearde Towne", Oceanless is a deep dive into fuzzed out 4 track drone and minimal long form TRYYYPS. Originally issued on CD by Strange Attractors Audio House, Oceanless has been out of print for a while.

Our plan is to issue a double gatefold album with a few never before heard outtakes from the Oceanless sessions. We've set our goal at $6000, which should just barely be enough to press the records.

Head over to our Kickstarter page to pledge.

Listen to Oceanless here.

Summer 2017

We're hitting the road!

June 27- Red Cross House, Northampton, MA

June 28- This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton, ON

June 29- UFO Factory, Detroit, MI

June 30- State Street, Indianapolis, IN

July 1- Foam, St. Louis, MO

July 2- Kitty Kat Club, Minneapolis, MN

July 3- Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA

July 5- Diabolical Records, SLC, UT

July 8- Cheer Up Charlie's, Austin, TX

July 9- Gasa Gasa, New Orleans, LA

July 10- 529, Atlanta, GA

July 11- Neptune's, Raleigh, NC

July 12- Rhizome, Washington, DC

To coincide with the tour, we're releasing a limited edition cassette EP titled "Taeppe" that will only be available at the shows. Pre-order link here. Hope to see you out there!!

2017 Tour Poster

November/December 2016

We're thrilled to announce that our 10th LP, Complekt, is out now on These Are Not Records!

LPs can be bought from These Are Not Records or directly from our bandcamp page and cassettes are only available from our bandcamp page.

Complekt LP Cover

Here's what Bobby Power (AdHoc/Geographic North/Decoder) says about the album:

"Landing’s Complekt is the band’s tenth LP and its second outing on These Are Not Records, following 2012’s Wave Lair EP. But the album is much more than another in the band’s transcendent and pristine catalog, which has sprawled across such hallowed labels as K Records, Ba Da Bing!, Strange Attractors, Music Fellowship, and more. Here, New Haven, CT’s space rock/dream pop darlings finds itself fully in bloom, comfortably continuing with the established lineup of three longtime members of Adrienne Snow (vocals), Aaron Snow (guitar, synth, bass, vocals, drums), Daron Gardner (bass), and John Miller (drums, guitar, synth).

Since resurfacing from a brief hiatus with its self-titled LP (2012, Geographic North), Landing has seemed intent on pushing the boundaries of its sound. Complekt is the culmination of this effort, and feels like the group’s natural magnum opus – a master work that cements a number of ideas Landing has flirted with previously.

The LP opens with “Light,” a calmly disarming palette cleanser that reveals itself through a fog of shimmering sound. The track takes shape out of formless and anonymous beauty, feeling not unlike the slow warmth of a sunrise through the winter’s fog. The song seems to hover in air just long enough to hypnotize, only to be shattered by the fuzz-addled mania of “Complekt.” The song sides itself more with the cool-headed psych-jams of Kinski or some riff-obsessed version of shoegaze before dissolving into the airy and effervescent “Weft” and “Shifts” two tracks that momentarily looks back to previous, levitating synth and guitar jams of Seasons, Sphere, and Brocade.

“Shifts” bobs along in a murky, aquatic drift of kosmische pop, perfectly highlighting Adrienne’s celestial coos while “Tither” takes things even deeper, drifting off into a beautifully melancholic din of sound.

The band goes deep into one of its signature, extended try’s “Grow,” a 10-minute space-raga of lo-fi bedroom pop. From it’s opening moments to the mid-song shift, it’s an alluring and addicting addition to Landing’s hypnotic canon. “Clouds II” strums along into oblivion, sounding like a lost Slowdive demo that you can’t help but become addicted to. The LP closes with “World,” an immersive trek into an ethereal cloud of sound. It’s an instant classic that serves both as a welcome return for old fans as well as a fitting entry point for new followers of the band."

In much less happy news, our friend John Miller has left the band. John has been an absolute pleasure to make music with and his input has been vitally important to the making of Complekt, Third Sight, and Body Diffuser. We wish him the best and love him forever!

Daron, Adrienne, and Aaron are moving forward as a three piece for now, but we've got some fun things planned, so stay tuned!

Special Announcement!

We made a really cool dual delay + modulation pedal and you can buy one HERE!

The Wave Layer Dual Delay pedal features three modes (Echoplex, Space Echo, and Echorec) with two independent delays. Modulation is assignable to either Echo 1 or Echo 2 in both the Space Echo and Echorec modes. Wave Layer also features "Wave Charge" which warps and shifts your tone in either subtle or over the top ways. Take your tryyyps super deep, Landing style, with cascading multi-tap delays that stretch beyond these vast arc hues and wobbly modulations that shift the fluency of colors.

Each pedal is hand built by John Miller, painted by Aaron Snow, and is built on the 1776 Multi-Plex Echo Machine PCB in an edition of 6.

Wave Layer 4

Spring/Summer 2016

Surprise! We have a new record out on the incredibly awesome El Paraiso label! The album is called "Third Sight" and will be released on June 17th. Jonas and Jakob from El Paraiso contacted us late last year about recording some deeeep tryyps for their Impetus Series and we quickly said "YES" before they could change their minds. Recorded at home by John and Aaron, "Third Sight" recalls the deep hazy vibes of "Oceanless", "Fade In/Fade Out", and "Brocade" without rehashing the same old ideas and methods.

We think you'll like it :)

Third Sight LP Cover

You can pre-order "Third Sight" from El Paraiso here or directly from us if you're in the United States!

Here's the video for "Morning Sun" off "Third Sight", directed by Aaron

"Delusion Sound" from "Third Sight"

Alongside the new record, we're also putting out a delay/modulation pedal! The Wave Layer Dual Delay pedal features three modes (Echoplex, Space Echo, and Echorec) with two independent delays. Modulation is assignable to either Echo 1 or Echo 2 in both the Space Echo and Echorec modes. Wave Layer also features "Wave Charge" which warps and shifts your tone in either subtle or over the top ways. Take your tryyyps super deep, Landing style, with cascading multi-tap delays that stretch beyond these vast arc hues and wobbly modulations that shift the fluency of colors.

Each pedal is hand built by John Miller, painted by Aaron Snow, and is built on the 1776 Multi-Plex Echo Machine PCB.

Limited edition of 6 will be available directly from us HERE soon!


February 5, 2016

Our next record, "Complekt", is off to be pressed! We're psyched about the artwork, which was masterfully done by Kevin Elbert. There's still no word on an official release date, but we'll keep you updated. In the meantime, you can look for a track from it coming soon in The Hartford Courant which will be accompanied by an interview with Aaron. We're also working on a video for the title track which should be ready by springtime.

We have some really fun shows coming up including Willimantic Records' 4th anniversary party with Major Stars, The Mountain Movers, and Becky Kessler on 2/13, Bar in New Haven with The Soft Moon on 2/17, a WHUS Radio interview/live session on 3/6, and Cafe 9 on 3/20 with Kindling and Humanpontiac! Check our Shows page for links.

Complekt LP Cover

January 7, 2016

We're playing a few shows coming up. The first is this super cool show at Best Video on Friday, January 15th with Colorguard/Lituya Bay. Should be fun! We're also playing at Willimantic Records' 4th anniversary show at Willimantic Records on February 13th (we go on around 4pm) with best buds The Mountain Movers, as well as the venerable Major Stars, and Becky Kessler. We'll be in New Haven a few days later on the 17th for a FREE show at Bar opening for The Soft Moon. Hope to see you there!

Also, Aaron answered a few questions for The Blog That Celebrates Itself. Hope you're having a happy new year!

Landing Flyer

August 12, 2015

Our new EP "Body Diffuser" is up for pre-sale on This is our first release with new member John Miller and we couldn't be more excited and proud of it. We're hoping to raise some money for our trip to Denver for Goldrush Fest, so if you feel like making a purchase, now's the time! The cassette, featuring artwork from Farbod Kokabi and Lee Summers (two of the chiefs at Geographic North), is limited to 50 copies and the digital version includes a lengthy bonus track. We hope you enjoy the new music!!

July 23, 2015

Big stuff is happening! We've finally finished recording our next full length and also completed music for a new cassette EP called "Body Diffuser" that we're releasing on August 22nd.

Here's the video we made for "Body Diffuser"

May 21, 2015

We're happy to announce that we'll be playing with WORKING, Sweet John Bloom, and Palace People at AS220 in Providence, RI on June 13th! Here's the event page. Hope to see you there!

Our recent show with Acid Mothers Temple and ST37 was amazing! We had a ton of fun playing with special guest Kryssi Battalene. AMT and ST37 melted faces and blew the doors off Cafe 9. We recorded our set and posted some songs from it to our Soundcloud.

March 12, 2015

Since the last update we've been pretty busy. Our next album is getting close to completion and we couldn't be more psyched about it. Recording at John's beautiful studio has been a real treat and things are sounding pretty nice so far. No word on release date or anything, but we'll keep you updated.

We're playing some shows! No Joy has been in constant rotation in the Snow household so we were very pumped to be invited to open for them in Hamden at The Outer Space Ballroom on March 28th (here's the event page). We're also playing with Acid Mothers Temple and ST37 on May 4th at Cafe 9 (here's the event page). Our good friend Kryssi Battalene is joining us for that one, so it should be super fun!

Sphere Promo Poster

One last bit of news- Our collaboration with Mark Dwinell (Bright, Forma, Nonloc), recorded way back in 2004 is finally released via our Soundcloud page. We hope you enjoy it!

October 9, 2014

We just released our entire discography on bandcamp! New digital releases include the full lengths Seasons, Sphere, and Landing as well as the 7" single we did for Geographic North's You Can't Hide Your Love Forever series and EP's New Found Land, Fade In/Fade Out and our contribution to the split we did with Windy & Carl in 2001.

Thanks for the support, we really appreciate it!

Landing Bandcamp

In frustrating news- Bandcamp lists our upcoming shows automatically from, but due to the fact that there is a new band called The Landing from Brooklyn, there are a lot of incorrect listings that pop up. We wish they'd change their band name, of course, but can't really afford all the fees associated with trademarking our name and forcing them to change theirs, so I'll do my best to fix the incorrect listings as they happen.

We'll keep our Facebook events up to date and you can always check the "shows" page on our website for the correct info.

October 1, 2014

Heligator Records has just released our new single "Traveling". The original version of "Traveling" was released way, way back in 1998 on our very first cassette, the "Demonstration Tape" in an edition of maybe 10 copies. When Ryan from Heligator contacted us about submitting something we thought it'd be a great opportunity to give this old Landing track a new life. We're proud to be joining an amazing roster of bands that have contributed tracks for a great cause, including CLIPD BEAKS, Zijnzijn Zijnzijn!, Dura, and lots more.

Here's some info about Heligator Records: "Your purchase of this track goes directly to the Malindza Refugee Camp library and librarians. Funds go to keeping the lights on, repairs and providing a small stipend for the refugee volunteer librarians. Rarely do you get so rewarded for your generosity. we are. Please check out the Malindza Refugee Camp Blog for updates on happenings at the library.

In case you hadn't heard, we have a new band member! His name is John Miller and he's awesome. He'll be playing drums with us at our first show as a four piece this Friday at The Flywheel in Easthampton, MA. It'll be our last show for a while as we try to finish album #9.

Here's a clip of John playing "Hold Me Under" with us...

September 5, 2014

Geographic North just got featured in Vice Magazine! Landing got a nice mention and Tinniens (Daron and Aaron) got a supremely flattering review!

From the review of "Dub Guns"- "For once, a composition that came from shoegaze that doesn’t sound like the dumb younger brother of Slowdive who only ever listened to bands trying to copy Slowdive."

Here's the link.

September 1, 2014

Welcome to the new! We've got some shows coming up including a show in Boston with Mahogany and Infinity Girl at PA's Lounge on September 13th and a show at The Flywheel in Northampton with Major Stars, Egg/Eggs, and Gilded on October 3rd which will be a benefit for Karl Hendricks.

Our show on October 3rd will be the first show with our new drummer, John Miller! John is a veteran of a number of great bands including Snake Oil, The Mountain Movers, and Titles. We're really excited about having live drums again and couldn't ask for a nicer, more talented guy to make music with.

Album #9 is in the works! Hoping for a 2015 release.

Here is an interview Aaron did with QRD about guitars and amps and stuff.

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