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Wave Layer Dual Delay/Modulation Pedal

The Wave Layer Dual Delay pedal features three modes (Echoplex, Space Echo, and Echorec) with two independent delays. Modulation is assignable to either Echo 1 or Echo 2 in both the Space Echo and link. Wave Layer also features "Wave Charge" which warps and shifts your tone in either subtle or over the top ways. Take your tryyyps super deep, Landing style, with cascading multi-tap delays that stretch beyond these vast arc hues and wobbly modulations that shift the fluency of colors.

Each pedal is hand built by John Miller, painted by Aaron Snow, and is built on the 1776 Multi-Plex Echo Machine PCB.

Limited edition of 6


Each pedal comes with a full 1 year warranty

1776 Effects

We're sold out- thanks to everyone who bought one!!!

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